Fastrope Labs

Client: Fastrope Labs

Role: Frontend

Tools: React, SCSS, Git

Timeline: 2017


Develop a website for the creative agency based in Washington DC.


  • Create a website in a modern framework

  • Work with the design and marketing team translate mocks into experience

  • Pages to include: Work, Team, Contact


  1. Client interview and requirements gathering

  2. Design synthesis and technical discovery

  3. Develop, deploy, feedback, adjust

  4. Final delivery and asset transfer


The focus for my development was creating a snappy, efficient site while meeting the design requirements laid out by the Fastrope design team. I made it a point to build the components in a modular format for reusability and ease in adjustment.


Working with the Fastrope team was very smooth, with a clear vision for what they wanted to build along with a stellar team that was easy to communicate with. Working on this project gave me another opportunity to refine my development in React and control the full development pipeline from first commit through deployment.

Site Info

What is this?

Ryan Luu's Portfolio & Blog

Why does this look familiar?

The design mimics Dropbox Paper. It's what I use to organize my daily process, so I thought it would be a fun challenge to recreate it's ux from scatch for my personal site.

How was it built?

This site was custom coded with React Hooks and Gatsby. I included a few unique features that I enjoy, like hovering over videos to initiate playback.