Founder & Frontend

1. Problem Statement

Back before Facebook & Twitter had autoplaying video, discovering quality videos quicky was difficult. Thumbnails were extremly misleading and users would waste tons of time trying to navigate to videos worth watching.

2. Research & Iteration

Our hypothesis was that short previews would help viewers quickly determine which videos were worth watching.

Powerpoint prototype

First working iteration

Revised viewing experience

Reddit Research

We posted on Reddit and asked the community how they discovered videos. Many of them complained about the outdated experience on Reddit.

We tapped into this insight and used it as an opportunity to create a simpler, faster viewing experience for Reddit users.

3. Development

Tech Stack

Hover to play

Click to expand with comments

Left/Right arrows & autoplay

Trim and submit videos

Mobile Native (demo)

4. Launch & Feedback

We launched Vumble on Reddit and received both encouraging words and feature suggestions that we leveraged for prioritizing further development.

Product Hunt post

Vumble received over 500,000 users during its existence with an average session duration of ten minutes.